Manage employees' documents with Odoo iSuite

Some personal information is stored separately in employee documents such as: Identity card, insurance book, related qualifications ... These information can be used to the HR department or manager for later use.

To create a new employee document, simply access Employees >> Employee Documents and click Create

The purple boxes are required, Odoo / ERPOnline designed to easily use the down arrow to search for available information or Create and edit new information. Moreover, you can archive scanned copies of original documents and attach them by clicking on Upload your file.

Note: When creating a new employee document, for documents with a expire date, there will be an area to set an Expire Date on the system and Days to Notify before it is due. 

The system will automatically send reminder email to the Document Manager set up on each employee's specific document. Go to Discuss app >> check your inbox.

With Employees feature - Odoo / ERPOnline, it's so much quicker and easier to store information for your search that you can even see who is managing the documents.