General Setting for Employee Management with Odoo

Starting to use Odoo, the HR manager and administrator need to configure and set up initial information such as general settings, reorganize departments and restructure the positions on the system to match the business.

Decentralization in Employees module

The permission to see the configuration in the employee profile will base on the decentralization of each account. Employee management features in Odoo / ERPOnline are currently divided into 3 levels below: 

  • No decentralization: People who are not in charge of human resource management, but still can view public information regarding the work of their colleagues in the company

  • Officer: Is allowed to manage profiles, employee contracts, not to configure and set up

  • Administrator: Have full control over this module

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General settings

To configure the information in the general settings, the user account must have administrative privileges of the system.

Access Employees app >> Configuration >> Settings.

(1) Skills Management: Manage the employee's skills

(2) Presence Control: Control employee presence based on attendance or user status in the system.

(3) Advanced Presence Control: In addition to controlling the absence of employees through attendance or logging into the system, the software has identification based on the number of emails sent from the system or identified by IP addresses. .

(4) Company Working Hours: Allows to set up a default working time frame when creating a new employee profile

(5) Organizational Chart: Allows management of organizational chart

(6) Employee Edition: Allows employees to adjust and update their own profile information

Tags and skills

Tags: Used to classify employees according to the definition criteria of the business such as: Trainer, Employee,... These tags will help managers analyze or group employees according to selected criteria.

Skills: Allows to define the soft skills of employees that have been acquired.


Plan what to do with an employee, eg: when they first enter the company or when they quit. First of all, we need to set up the types of planning by going to Employees Application >> Configuration >> Planning Types >> Create.

After that, the system will display the following interface:

In which:

- Activity Type:

    + Set the activity type, with the expected number of deadlines for this activity to be executed.

   + Clicking on Create and Edit, a window will pop up, allowing to fill in the following information:

   + Save when you finish.

- Responsible:

   + Coach

   + Manager

   + Employee

   + Other (if chosen, you can choose one of the company employees to attach directly to this activity type)

Note: Access Employees >> Employees >> Employees >> Click on a specific employee profile or if not, click Create to create a new one. Update Manager and Coach information directly on employee profile. Then Save.

When you have all the settings for the planning type, you can create a plan with the selected planning type. For instance, the plan for new employee:

The plan has been created. Now you can directly access the employee profile and press the "Launch Plan" button.

 The planned activities will be displayed right on the chat.