Flexible Timetables and Shifts

To attract and retain employees modern companies need to be flexible in terms of when and where specialists may work. Under such circumstances the task to manage teams and control time resources becomes difficult. This tool aims to help. It allows and forces users to plan shifts in advance, while managers control timetables and attendances.

 Quick shifts planning

Shifts are planned for a week from Monday to Sunday. To prepare a timetable users should merely choose time frames on a calendar. Just a few clicks and everybody know when and where their colleague plans to work.
In case shifts are similar from week to week, rely upon templates. As a template you may use any of your existing timetables. It is up to you whether to duplicate shifts for a week or for the whole year and then to update those.

In-time and efficiently planned team collaboration

Odoo shifts calendar

Shifts with working context

Time table contexts

New timetable creation

new time table

Shifts based on time table template

Odoo working shifts templates

Prepare shifts for a few weeks in a batch

Mass time tables creation

 Employees plan. Managers control

The tool is interrelated with the system of Odoo attendances. HR managers not only know employees' plans, but also control over their fulfilment. Open a timetable and compare totals and how good real shifts correspond to scheduled ones.

Weekly time tables for team work and control

Odoo shifts for timesheets

 The tool for distributed teams

To provide conditions for efficient communication the app let employees know shifts of their peers. Team members understand not only when their colleagues are available but also a context. Is John is today working from home or is he on a business trip? Create your own contexts to always make rational decisions.
By the way, shifts are shown in a current user time zone. So, even if you are abroad there would be no misunderstandings which are so common for geographically distributed teams.

Context of work is as improtant as its timing

Timetable contexts

 Timetable reminders

When a person is really flexible in time and circumstances, he/she faces another challenge – how not to forget to tell about plans. To that end you may configure a special notification to remind employees to prepare a new timetable for a next week. Starting from Thursday and till a user recorded shifts, such a user would receive an email. No chance to forget!
Besides, for certain employees you can also send automatic alarms of being late. Does Ann planed to start at 10am, but has not still checked in? Odoo would forward an alert. All email templates might be updated.

Employee settings

Timesheet employee settings