Employee Contract Management 13.0

An employment contract is the legal basis for an agreement between an employee and an employer on paid employment, working conditions, and rights and obligations of each party in the labor relationship.

Therefore, in businesses, the person in charge of human resources always wants to manage the contracts of each employee effectively, ensuring the interests of employees and legal obligations with the government organizations and agencies.

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Odoo / ERPOnline supports contract management on different interfaces: Kanban, list format.

First, access Employees app >> Employees >> Contracts.

With the Kanban view, users can visually see each phase of the contract as follows:

Create a contract

When the user wants to initiate a new contract, simply access Employee app >> Employees >> Contracts >> Create

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The details screen of the contract appears, allowing the user to update information:

General information 

  • Contract Reference: contract number associated with the employee

  • Employee

  • Department

  • Company

  • Salary Structure: Choose suitable salary structures. Each structure is set up with the formulas related to the employee's salary

  • Job Position

Contract Details

  • Start Date: start date of the contract

  • End Date: end date of the contract (if it's a fixed-term contract)

  • End of Trial Period: end date of the trial period (if there is one)

  • Working Schedule: employee's working schedule

  • Salary Compuation Mode: How the employee salary could be computed in salary rules, based on either working days or working hours

  • Personal Tax Policy: The taxation policy applied to the net income of the payslips of this contract

  • Tax Rule: The personal income tax rules applied to payslips of this contract

  • HR Responsible: Person responsible for validating the employee's contract

  • Expense Account: Default Expense Account that will be used for encoding employee expense into general accounting system (eg: employee payroll expense). If not specified, the one specified for the corresponding department will be used.

  • Salary Journal

Salary Information

  • Basic Wage: Employee's monthly basic wage (without any allowance and advantages).

  • Monthly Advantages: advantages according to company policy for employees

  • Gross Salary = Basic Wage + Monthly Advantages

Contribution Registers

  • Basic salary contributions in Vietnam include Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and Labor Union (subject to contractual agreement).

Note: you are required to declare the most detailed and complete information about basic salary as well as benefits for payroll.

The contract is immediately in effect when you choose Save and select Start. The information in the contract will be an important basis in calculating the salary and insurance benefits that TVTMA develops in Payroll application.

Manage contract status

After creating the contract, press the button Start, then the contract will be transferred from the "New" state to the "Running" state. The information on salary and contribution registers will be automatically used to calculate the employee's monthly payslip.

When the contract expires, the system will update the contract status to "Expired". At the same time, a button suggesting "Renew" will appear on the system. If the user clicks the "Renew" button, the system will switch from the "Expired" state to "Running".