Create payslips & payslip batches 13.0

Payslip is a document that shows the complete and detailed salary expenses of an enterprise for an employee. It is also the total of salary and monetary benefits that the employee is entitled to after a certain period of employment. Salary information is agreed between enterprises and employees through the signing of labor contracts. In addition to the contract, the calculation of salary is based on the regulations and policies on the salary of the enterprise, the employee's time-sheets or list of job output...

Understanding the complexity of payroll management, ERPOnline develops the Payroll application which is a prominent part of the overall management solution. It is closely linked with other applications/features in the same platform to ensure seamless and accurate information.
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Salary managers no longer have to gather a large number of documents, or to remember salary information of each employee, tax rates...Users just need to install the linked applications such as Time off, Employee, HR Meal in order to create or manage related information. Especially, by  integrating with the Accounting application, the system allows users to set up accounts for accounting entries such as salary expense, salary payments, salary contributions...and generates those entries automatically.

Create a payslip

Payslip for each employee is quickly created in simple steps: go to Payslips > select Payslips > Create

A new screen will be opened, allowing you to select employee, period, contract, salary structure. The related information about the contract, payroll structures, time off ... are collected automatically from integrated applications and shown in detail.

  • Period: Specifies the time period this payslip is calculated

  • Contract: Assigns a valid contract on which salary is calculated

  • Structure: Specify the salary structure that applies to this employee

  • Calendar Working Hours/Days: Total working hours for the full months crossing the payslip according to the corresponding schedule

  • Duty Working Hours/Days: Is the number of hours/days the employee needs to work to get 100% of the salary. These hours/days are calculated based on the payslip period and the employee working schedule.

    • Working Schedule is the specific time that the employee goes to work according to the company's regulations. To set up working hours for each employee, go to Payroll> Employees> Contract> Working Schedule:

  • Information on leave summary, working calendar details and worked days are generated automatically:

  • Information on recorded contributions (Insurance contributions as regulated by Vietnam Government) is shown as follows:

  • For variable salaries, bonuses or penalties, users need to fill them in the Other Input section by clicking Add a line

After completing the above steps, click on Compute Sheet, the system will quickly calculate detailed information about salary as well as insurance contributions, personal income tax...

Check the salary computation in the Salary Computation tab:

Details of personal income tax according to Vietnam's regulations are shown in the Personal Income Tax Details tab:

Similarly, user can switch to other tabs to check the corresponding information, then click Confirm, click Mark as Done to complete the creation of the payslip and trigger the generation of related accounting entries. User can also print the  physical payslip to deliver to employee for signing or to keep in accounting documents.