Outcome Oriented

    1- Focus on the customer and all else will follow.
    2- It´s best to do one thing really , really well.
    3- Fast is better than slow
    4- You don´t need to be at your desk to need an answer.
    5- You can make money without doing evil.
    6- There´s always more information out there.
    7- You can be serious without wearing a suit.
    8- Great isn´t just good enough.

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Mentor gives honest feedback and provides executive industrial coaching to the colleague.


Employee Feedback

This feature brings positive waves inside the employee and we take its very serious for the betterment of employee .


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Training sessions

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, training and development provides both the individual and organisations as a whole with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment. 

Improved employee performance  

The employee who receives the necessary training is more able to perform in their job. The training will give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn build their confidence. This confidence will enhance their overall performance and this can only benefit the company. Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help IPRO hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry.

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Training can be of any kind relevant to the work or responsibilities of the individual, and can be delivered by any appropriate method.

For example, it could include:

•Classroom training

•On-the-job learning

•Mentoring schemes

•In-house training

•Individual study

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Training on how to perform in h
altitude safely

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Training on how to safe a life in critical situation

Meetups & Conferences

IPRO organizes set of talks , conferences and networking events to engage with the community by sharing both the resources and business insights .